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Saturday, December 4, 2021
DenmarkWe are looking for waiters for Viftens Bistro!

We are looking for waiters for Viftens Bistro!

Coffeesound ApS Rødovre

Rødovre Municipality has built a new restaurant at the venue Viften, and we will start it up in November 2021.

We must therefore run a wonderful Viftens Bistro based on our experiences and ideas from our current two restaurants, Vanløse Bistro and Brønshøj Bistro.

The clear goal is to become a local, cozy and quality restaurant, which finds its own “Rødovre tone”. We need to know many of our guests because they come often and because they feel welcome.

For that we are looking for new colleagues and we would very much like a mix of young and mature people, very much like “natives” and as diverse a flock as possible. Both in terms of age, gender and skin and rainbow colors.

We have found our kitchen team, but we miss:

  • Two mature servants
  • Preferably with several years of experience, of course preferably skilled, if you are
  • We would very much like to hire people who take responsibility for the hosting, so feel like meeting our guests in a relaxed and comfortable way
  • And we must be ourselves, and be personal, so that the guests meet real people with a real desire to host an evening

We can offer jobs with:

  • Good opportunities for service and crafts,
  • A mix of day and evening shifts on both weekends and weekdays,
  • Colleagues who take responsibility and who are good at talking together,
  • Lovely guests and a large number of regulars who make everyday life a pleasure,
  • Experienced owners who greatly appreciate their employees,
  • A clear set of values ​​for the most important things,
  • A good tone and an appreciative leadership style,
  • A professional set-up in terms of shift planning, self-control and administration.


To understand our ideas, you come to “practice” at Brønshøj Bistro, because it is the best place to see how we do in practice and understand our culture.

Application deadline: We hold regular interviews and the appointment is very welcome at the end of November.

Write an application and CV and send via the application button below “Apply for the job online”. You can find out more by calling Bo Damgaard on +45 31 35 19 20 between 12.00 and 15.00 .

Briefly about the Bistros:Brønshøj Bistro started on November 6, 2018, a little hidden, at Gadekæret on Brønshøjvej, and we were really well received!Vanløse Bistro opened on Friday 27 November 2020, 9 days before Corona closure no. 2, and made it through on good takeaway and a great local need for a local quality restaurant.Both Bistros were originally intended as local eateries for families with children and the more mature audience. As companies that take responsibility for their local environment, both when it comes to the local sports clubs, Jazz Festival, Culture Day and the Christmas tree lighting on Torvet.Our goals are:That our guests are well received and experience a relaxed atmosphere, characterized by cordiality, personality and professionalism,To serve food and drink in a narrow selection, with a focus on all things having quality and taste, even if they are simple and unpretentious.We are open as a café in the afternoon, with good coffee, homemade cakes and wonderful drinks.In the evening we are a Bistro with a narrow selection of food and drink, room for both children and a host of regulars.The evening menu is a combination of Dagens Ret, which is family-friendly grandma’s food, and our Tavle menu, which is handmade, green and well-crafted food: One starter with six small items, three main courses, four garnishes and three desserts.We have both catering, in-house parties and a la carte. It is all based on our whiteboard menu, so we can make the quality we want and have a good working day while we are busy.

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