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SwedenSchool nurse in Nässjö Municipality

School nurse in Nässjö Municipality

We are now looking for you who want to work 80-100% as a school nurse at Parksskolan and Malmbäck’s school in Nässjö Municipality.
Parksskolan is a 4-9 school with about 300 students located in Bodafors and Malmbäck’s school is a small F-6 school with about 150 students in Malmbäck. The schools are each headed by a principal. Both schools also have committed staff who have worked for a long time, and have a well-established collaboration. The staff works actively and interprofessionally to prevent and remove barriers to learning. Pupils in year 6 in Malmbäck also have some teaching placed at Parksskolan, such as language teaching. For high school, students from Malmbäck start at Parkskolan. Parksskolan is a relatively newly renovated school with nice, airy rooms and spaces.

As a school nurse in Nässjö, you are employed centrally under the head of student health. 11 other school nurses also work here in schools from preschool class to high school.

As a school nurse, you have great opportunities to set up your work yourself together with other professionals at the school. You work interprofessionally and in teams, together with a tutor, special educator, teacher, study and career counselor and principal. Together, you form the student health team at the school, which has the task of removing obstacles and creating the best possible conditions for the student’s development and learning. The school is led by the principal, with support from student health. As a school nurse, you have real opportunities for influence and work at both individual, group and organizational level. The work involves collaboration with both students, guardians but also authorities outside the school such as child and adolescent psychiatry and social services.

As a school nurse in Nässjö municipality, you are assigned a mentor, at the beginning of the employment, who is especially responsible for your introduction and supports you with questions that arise.

The school nurses’ employee index, according to the annual employee survey, is 4.33 on a scale between 1-5. The measure is an average value of the school nurses ‘total work situation and an indicator of the school nurses’ total satisfaction. It testifies that you come to a well-functioning team that thrives in their workplace and helps each other.

The work as a school nurse involves, among other things, health talks, vaccinations, participating in coordinated meetings with various actors, open reception, assisting with medical skills. It also often means, together with a counselor, conducting group discussions and lessons about health, body, sexuality, etc. You also coordinate and book visits to the school doctor for those who need them, and documentation is done in PMO.

We are now looking for you who want to be involved in developing the preventive and health-promoting work with our students in Nässjö municipality. We are happy to see that you have worked as a school nurse before, and have relevant further education, but if you do not have the experience and are curious, you are also welcome to apply. You are flexible, creative, and see opportunities both in the individual but also in the organization. You are driven and want to be involved in the systematic quality work, and see the importance of follow-up and development based on identified needs.

You dare to express your opinions, in order to develop the business and with the student’s best interests in focus. We attach great importance to personal suitability. Maybe you feel that it is time to take on new challenges, then do not hesitate to send in your application so we have the opportunity to tell you more about the service, and you get the opportunity to tell us what you can contribute.

PS. If there is something in the service such as placement, school or something else that makes you hesitate, apply and we will talk about it. Maybe we can then together find alternative solutions, which would fit better based on your needs but which can also meet the needs of our organization.

You who do not have experience, but have relevant education are also welcome to apply.

Scope of employment
Form of employment: Permanent employment

Scope: Full-time Or according to increase.

Access: 2022-01-01Or according to increase.


Apply by: 2021-12-12

Reference number: A1069396

Salary form: Monthly salary

Number of advertised jobs: 1

Working hours: Daytime


Contact person
Lina Rancinger Head of Operations, Central Student [email protected]

To get efficient, fast and secure handling of your application, we ask you to send your application via our recruitment tool “Public Jobs”. Apply directly via the link in the ad.

Prior to the recruitment work, Nässjö municipality has taken a position on recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore strongly refrain from contact with media salespeople, recruitment sites and the like.

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