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DPLG architect

The company!

Our client, the Breton architectural firm Bakelite (bakelite-architecture.fr), is an expert in the design of collective housing for real estate developers and social landlords. Its production is around 300 housing units per year, in Brittany (35, 56, 22, 29), and in France for Senior Services Residence. Since 204, Bakelite has been established in Vern-sur-Seiche.

Around the three partners, his team develops:

a culture of innovation (use and capitalization of digital models, data management, computer graphics, 3D printing, etc.),
The design department (from sketch to PC),
the technical production pole (plans, economy, written documents), and
the works department.
sharing of expertise (design, technique, economy, R&D, works management),

a desire to develop bio-climatic construction.

Commitment and agility are core values ​​at Bakelite. The spirit of service, the sense of organized responsiveness, the rigorous control of studies ensure the satisfaction of its project owners (their loyalty in return bears witness to this).

These values ​​are the result of people forming a team, with complementary skills. Because no one can excel in all stages of the architectural project process, Bakelite has developed a collaborative organization around 3 poles:

Each of the members of the agency’s 3 poles work together to nurture each project with experience, intelligence and efficiency.

Do you want to join an agency that develops its growth around the BIM process?

Following retirement, the Bakelite agency is looking for an Architect, to complete and develop the design department.

Your missions!

In collaboration with your referent associate architect (and the other members of the team for any specific need), you integrate the design department to develop mainly collective housing projects, and other potential areas thereafter.

Your missions are:

On the pre-project phase:

The development and monitoring of your network of partners: promoters, social landlords, tertiary activities, etc.
The design and implementation of housing projects (capacity studies), and follow-up with project owners, communities, residents, etc.
In the context of competitions, the assembly of files.
On the design phase:

Sketch Studies (ESQ)
Collecting information related to the project
Carrying out preliminary preliminary design studies (APS)
The assembly of building permit files in collaboration with the designer
Handover of the project to the Production pole (PRO-DCE) which will take over in conjunction with the Economist.
Monitoring relations with the various partners (customers, town halls, BET, etc.) throughout the projects, for subjects related to the project architecture,
Architectural monitoring of projects throughout their advancement and completion.
You !

Your creativity, your curiosity, your interpersonal skills and your “front office” spirit interest us!

Do you want to invest yourself in an Architecture agency on a human scale? Do you want to work together on projects with a team that puts project management at the center of its organization?

You are endowed with real architectural talent, with a sensitivity to bio-climatic design. Do you like being in touch with your customers and partners and are comfortable within a professional network? This position will give you the opportunity to tap into those appetites.

DPLG architect, you have a first experience, ideally acquired in an architectural agency and in the construction of collective housing and why not in the construction of offices, in rehabilitation …

You master the type design tools, REVIT, ArchiCAD, and BIM appears to you as an essential methodology.


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