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GermanyProfessorship (d / m / f) artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

Professorship (d / m / f) artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

Quality of teaching, future-oriented research and individual further education: Our success is not only proven by positive rankings, but also by the high level of satisfaction of our students, our graduates and our entire university family in teaching, science and administration. Become part of an innovative and lively team.

We are offering a professorship (d / m / f) in the Faculty of Applied Computer Science for the summer semester 2022 or later

for the research and teaching area “Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity”

The areas of application of the future job holder include – focusing on increasing demands on IT security due to the steadily increasing complexity of networked IT systems along with continuously new and more complex attack vectors – existing AI methods from basic research on existing and future ones Transferring the needs of cybersecurity, according to applied research, into practice (areas of application e.g. Industry 4.0, autonomous driving).

In teaching, German and English-language lectures are expected in the area of ​​applied computer science.

Accordingly, special commitment is expected in service research and in applied research projects as well as in the area of ​​technology and knowledge transfer. The professorship is spatially located on the campus of the Deggendorf University of Technology and within the scope of research to the extent of half the teaching load on the Vilshofen technology campus in the ProtectIT institute, in which a close cooperation with the researchers in the areas of “Protection”, “Detection” and “Reaction” is assumed. Since this professorship is advertised as part of the Hightech Offensive Bavaria, a close cooperation, partly also on site, with the KI Campus East Bavaria is planned.

To cope with this comprehensive task, you should have professional application-oriented and theoretical experience in the field of IT security technologies and procedures based on artificial intelligence and their application and use in various disciplines.

Experience in the acquisition of third-party funds, especially in the context of the programs of the BMBF and the Free State of Bavaria, as well as in applying for and carrying out EU projects is desirable.

In order to compensate for the set-up and research tasks at the Vilshofen Technology Campus, the regular teaching obligation will be reduced to a reasonable extent for the duration of these activities. There is the possibility to reduce the teaching obligation for the implementation of research tasks beyond this point in time

In the case of foreign university degrees, a certificate assessment from the ZAB (Central Office for Foreign Education) must be submitted for a final assessment of the recruitment requirements in the course of the recruitment process. (https://www.kmk.org/zab/zeugnislösungen.html)

Employment requirements:
completed university degree;
special aptitude for scientific work, which is usually proven by the quality of a doctorate;
pedagogical aptitude;
special achievements in the application or development of scientific
Findings and methods in at least five years of professional practice, which must be acquired after completing the university studies and for which at least three years must have been exercised outside the university area; In special cases, proof of professional practice outside the university area can be provided by the fact that a considerable part of the professional activity has been performed in cooperation between the university and non-university professional practice over a period of at least five years.

The position is suitable for people with severe disabilities. Severely disabled applicants will be given preference if they are otherwise essentially the same aptitude, ability and professional performance.

The Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences aims to increase the proportion of women in its academic staff. Bavaria-wide information can be found at www.werdeprofessorin.de.

Anyone who has not yet reached the age of 52 can be appointed to the civil service.

If you feel you have been appointed to a professorship at the Deggendorf University of Technology, we look forward to receiving your detailed application with the usual documents (curriculum vitae, certificates, proof of professional career and the relevant subject-related references) by December 5th, 2021. Please use To do this, use our application management (www.th-deg.de/stellenangebote)

If you have any questions, please contact:
Deggendorf University of Technology
Mrs. Daria Grässel
Tel. 0991 / 3615-5532
Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1
94469 Deggendorf


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