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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
DenmarkPrincipal is sought for the Else Marie Nursing Home in Humlebaek

Principal is sought for the Else Marie Nursing Home in Humlebaek

Do you have the energy and presence to provide the care that is needed? Do you have the surplus to listen and
conversation with the residents? And do you have an eye for the homeliness of Else Marie being created by that
employees and residents are recognized as equal people?

‘Home’ is the key word the new headmaster must seek and seek out every day. A home where there
taken care of the atmosphere of homeliness, security and richness of experience that Else Marie
would like to stand for.

For the residents, the safety of everyday life has first priority, and it requires that you can lead the staff –
not behind a closed door, but in an active and participatory presence of the residents and staff
everyday life.

The new headmaster must be able to see the potential in the beautiful building and the beautiful greenery
surroundings, which is a distinctive feature of Else Marie. A potential to create a wealth of experience of
activities, stimuli and sensory experiences for the residents.

Your tasks
It is a prerequisite that you have solid management experience and a management education.

You focus on working professionally with the residents’ potential to be able to live an independent life
own premises.

You inspire and motivate employees to consistently have a resident focus. It always acts
about the residents’ wishes and needs for the good life. It is essential that you set direction and develop
ideas that contribute to developing professionalism and job satisfaction as well as creating systematics.

You must contribute to the health professional effort and security in everyday life with a high degree of focus on
the well-being of the individual resident. We work to ensure that the residents’ wishes and dreams can be fulfilled,
and that the residents’ relatives participate in daily life.

We focus on mutual respect, and you become part of a workplace with high professionalism, and where
the employees emphasize values ​​and the interaction with residents and relatives. Everyday life at Else Marie
is based on the fact that all residents after an individual assessment and expectation vote
offered support and care in accordance with their wishes and needs, and that the help they
recipient, provided with respect, empathy and professionalism.

You have strong collaboration skills so that the nursing home can create the best conditions for,
that the residents can succeed. You are therefore a strong driving force to ensure professional development and the good
working environment in Else Marie.

We offer:

Attractive supervisor position in a value-bearing organization with great influence on and freedom in the work
A competent and committed employee group with many years of experience
A vibrant workplace with strong values ​​and a high degree of social and health professionalism
A good social environment with humor and well-functioning cooperation
Opportunity for competence development and participation in relevant professional networks
Participation in the trustee network in Mariehjemmene – with you we are 8 trustees in the elderly area
You will initially receive a mentoring scheme with one of Mariehjems’ principals
About us
The nursing home Else Marie is a self-owned non-profit nursing home with 29 homes and is part of
Mariehjemmene. The nursing home is managed by a board and the principal.

The nursing home is located in a beautiful area close to the water and has a lovely garden with lots of
opportunities to get fresh air and enjoy life outdoors too.

We have our own board, where together we can prioritize and decide what we specifically think is professional
and humanly best for the residents.

The employee profiles are nursing staff, nurses, kitchen staff, cleaning assistant,
janitor as well as replacements.

Mariehjemmene is a private, independent non-profit organization that works for people
can live exactly the life they want – because everyone deserves a good life. Today is Mariehjemmene
umbrella organization for 20 independent Mariehjem across the country.

See and read more on our website: www.else.mariehjem.dk

Salary and employment
The position is to be filled in March 2022 or by appointment. Salary and employment conditions are agreed individually.

The application deadline is Thursday 6 January 2022, at 12.00
1st round of talks will be held in week 2.
2nd round of talks will be held in week 4.

If you are applying for the position, you must be able to participate in interviews at the specified time periods. There will be between 1.
and 2nd interview be a test course, which consists of a test and a conversation.

Application with CV and documentation for education etc. emails to the Mariehjemmene Foundation via the “Send application” button

You should contact the chairman of Else Marie’s board, Kristian Wedel Andersen, at: 30 54 36 70
to hear more about the position and the board’s expectations of the new superintendent.


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