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SwedenDeveloper in Total Defense

Developer in Total Defense

Next stop, mountain top!
Welcome to a lifestyle county beyond the ordinary.

Here is the opportunity for a dream life for you who want to top your career with immediate proximity to the mountains, forests and lakes. For those of you who want adventure all year round and four real seasons (we are looking forward to a fifth – spring-winter). For you who long for a sustainable, inventive countryside and urban environment with world-class event and food experiences. Simply for you who want to take the step to a more comfortable life where there is enough time for more.

The County Administrative Board works for sustainable development in the county where the environment, growth and good living conditions go hand in hand. With us, you get the chance to contribute to the place we call home.

We are looking for a goal- and result-oriented employee who wants to be involved and lead the development of the county’s total defense, in collaboration with both internal and external actors.

Total defense consists of civilian and military defense. The County Administrative Board is the highest civilian total defense authority in the county. Together with the Armed Forces, we coordinate civilian and military defense regionally and we also organize training and exercises. The County Administrative Board’s role is also to coordinate the work and to support municipalities and regions in their work with both crisis preparedness and civil defense, two areas that are closely intertwined.

The purpose of civil defense is for society to function at heightened preparedness and war.

Job description
The total defense is now in an expansive reconstruction phase and much will happen in the coming years (new authorities, investigations and decisions) that will have a major impact on the continued development of the total defense at all levels, from national to local, and in many sectors. Many of these works will take a long time, but it is also important that initiatives are taken already now.

Your role in the Swedish Armed Forces is to work for initiatives and to drive the systematic development work in the county. The role has a strong focus on this work being carried out together with employees, the county’s municipalities, the Region, the Armed Forces and other actors.

The efforts are based on our municipal agreement in civil defense and the 6 focus areas in our regional action plan:
Contingency plans and war organization
Leadership and collaboration
Security of supply
Give and receive support
Willingness to defend
Strengthened information and cyber security
You will follow up the municipalities’ work and, based on identified needs, coordinate and further develop initiatives. This means developing plans, guidelines and routines for structuring the work as well as actively carrying out activities such as work meetings, seminars, workshops, training and exercises.

Handling matters that concern your area of ​​work, such as responding to referrals and other opinions, will also be a significant part of your work.

Handling matters that concern your area of ​​work, such as responding to referrals and other opinions, will also be a significant part of your work.

The area is constantly evolving. The County Administrative Board’s assignments and tasks can change over time. You therefore need to have an ability to handle change and be open to new tasks. At the same time, it also gives you opportunities to develop and both broaden and deepen your competence with us.

You who are applying must have a university degree in one of the following areas; Social scientists with a focus on Risk and Crisis Management, Political Science, Sociology, Law or other education or documented experience that we consider equivalent.

You have experience of working with community preparedness and should have previously played a role in the Swedish crisis preparedness system. You are also used to moving between a supervisory and a supportive role towards different stakeholders.

Experience of processing and analyzing large masses of text and writing reports is a prerequisite for the assignment. Likewise, to draw relevant conclusions from various social events. A good ability to work together is a must if we, together with other actors, are to bring the pieces together into a whole.

As the work involves some travel, driving license B is a requirement.

Good insight into various socially important functions in particular and relevant social knowledge in general. Experience of coordination and process management is also an advantage. The personal qualities will be of great importance in our selection.

Application deadline
Welcome with your application no later than January 5th!

About the employment
Fixed monthly salary

Terms of employment
Full time.
Permanent employment

Where is the workplace?
The workplace is located in Östersund in Jämtland County

The employer
The County Administrative Board of Jämtland County

Ref 10167-2021

The application is made via the recruitment system ReachMee. Apply by clicking the Apply button at the bottom of the page. We have made our media choice for recruitment and therefore avoid friendly but firm contact with advertising salespeople or other salespeople of recruitment services.

The County Administrative Board is the government’s representative at the regional level and has the task of developing the county, working to ensure that the national political goals have an impact in the county and being an administrative authority.

Respect, professionalism and openness are guiding in our work and our approach to each other, citizens and other stakeholders. We work actively to be an authority free from discrimination and want to take advantage of the qualities that diversity adds to the business, among other things, we value knowledge of Southern Sami.

Read more on our website http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/jamtland

More information about how we process your personal data can be found at www.lansstyrelsen.se/dataskydd

Contact persons
Lillemor Landsten
TF unit manager
010-225 33 75
[email protected]

Maria Kanka
Director of Emergency Preparedness
010-225 33 80
[email protected]

Eva Karlsson
Workplace representative Saco-S
010-225 33 58
[email protected]

Maria Pettersson
Union representative OFR / S
010-225 34 74


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