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Chief physician with an interest in acute geriatrics and treatment at home is sought for the Emergency Department at North Zealand Hospital

you must have an interest in “acute geriatrics” and treatment in the citizen’s own home or in the municipal emergency rooms. You may want to be a geriatrician or specialist in emergency medicine.
We have a strong Cross-Sectoral Team consisting of 3 specialists – of which 2 are geriatricians. The team also includes physiotherapists and outpatient nurses. We focus on the elderly complex patient, who often has the best of treatment outside the hospital.


We are looking for another geriatrician / specialist in relevant internal medical specialty / specialist in general medicine for our team, who can be employed in a chief physician position in the Emergency Department with a function in our acute geriatric column.

Our expectation for you:

You are a specialist in geriatrics or – a specialty relevant to the department
You can see yourself developing the emergency medicine specialty with us, setting direction and learning new things yourself
You are a role model and culture-creating for educational doctors through daily, clinical guidance.
You thrive in a busy department where the focus is on task solution and flow.
You participate positively in the implementation of improvement work.
You keep the good tone in everyday life – both towards patients, relatives and colleagues.
We offer:

Opportunity to maintain or achieve a massive and broad clinical experience.
Upskilling for the purpose of obtaining specialist medical recognition in Emergency Medicine or further upskilling.
Interdisciplinary collaboration within its own department and across FAM and sector transitions.
At Nordsjællands Hospital, the Emergency Department is part of FAM, where we see, treat, start and end a wide range of all acute admissions, apart from births and childhood illnesses. Together with the hospital’s other specialties, we handle around 137,000 patient courses annually, of which 44,000 are hospitalizations and 93,000 are outpatients. Our ambition is simple and clear: not only to make the diagnosis and make a treatment plan, but also a treatment goal in the slightly longer term to achieve good patient outcomes without unnecessary readmissions. Due not least to the older and often complex patient group, we are already working in a close, professional and organizational community across professions, specialties and sectors.

The department is therefore expanding significantly both in physical size, new tasks and in staffing and therefore needs to expand the team of specialists in 2022, especially in the outreach function.

Our clear commitment to the training of both doctors and nursing staff is central to the success of good patient outcomes. We are therefore now looking for a colleague who wants to take part in lifting the tasks with us.

The emergency department handles the training of doctors in introductory positions and main training courses in emergency medicine. We consist of 14 I-doctors, 2 HU doctors, 12 specialists and 110 nurses with 30 reception beds and a trauma room with 3 beds.

Doctors, nurses and secretaries, etc. in the Emergency Department works in teams around the reception and assessment of patients. There is a strong focus on rapid diagnostics, e.g. with a POCT laboratory and under establishment is also present radiology. All as quick and effective contributions to the correct diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis for the patient in close collaboration with other clinical and paraclinical specialties

In 2025, the Emergency Department will move into New North Zealand’s Hospital, which with a completely unique building environment will meet the requirements for the healthcare system of the future.

For several years, the emergency department has worked closely and constructively with the hospital’s 9 municipalities. We have early embarked on new paths in cross-sectoral collaboration and have extensive experience with outbound functions. As bridge builders, a dedicated Discharge Team ensures proper and proper discharge of especially elderly or other vulnerable patients. Our Cross-Sectoral Team will be gradually expanded to handle more and more multi-sick patients, who are also expected to be discharged after a short hospital stay in the Emergency Department. Many of these will often benefit from finishing treatment in their own home using our outreach function.

Salary and employment:

Salary and terms of employment are in accordance with the applicable collective agreement. As a starting point, the position is a full-time position where weekend work can be considered.

The position is without guard until further notice.

Accession 1 July 2022 or by appointment.

The starting point is a full-time position with shift participation by appointment.


The application must contain a description of competencies divided into the 7 medical roles.

Your application and your CV must be received by us no later than 30 April 2022

We expect to hold job interviews on an ongoing basis.

More info

If you have questions about the position, you are welcome to contact chief physician Jesper Juul Larsen on tel. 48296301 or [email protected] or chief physician Peter Gjersøe (tel. 48296840).

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