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Distributor, Superbrugsen Hasle

We are looking for a Distributor for SuperBrugsen in Hasle
Is your goal to lead and develop a medium-sized Danish company?
If so, then you should consider becoming a distributor in SuperBrugsen Hasle. This is what our modern stores represent in terms of finances, complexity, IT landscape, sales and not least leadership.


Can you see yourself in charge of the well-being of 25 employees, sparring with 14 other skilled distributors in the district and collaborating with professionals in the service office? And do you have the desire and willingness to get involved in the local area, where there are many enthusiasts. In Hasle, many holiday homes are being built these years to benefit the store. SuperBrugsen Hasle must both meet the shopping needs of the local residents and at the same time be the tourists’ favorite Supermarket in the city.

Coop’s strategy of growth, happy employees and customers is your guiding star
You need to make both your employees and your store flourish. You are good at delegating and involving everyone, because you know that this is the way to a good working environment and good results – and not least community. You will be measured on your ability to make a profit and create a store where it is good and inspiring to be an employee and customer.

In collaboration with your management team, it is you who:

stands for the day-to-day management and knowledge sharing that creates momentum and development
creates good results together with your employees
recruits, onboards and ensures the right composition of teams
spot your employees’ talents and motivate them so they can develop
plans, holds and follows up on local and central campaigns
You are good to people
You know that your employees are your most important resource and ensure their well-being, development and internal recruitment for Coop’s many career opportunities. You understand and value the value of diversity and ensure presence and empathy in your leadership. You know your employees – and they know you.

Your mindset is the path to success
Even though you often have to act short-term, you think long-term and strategically. It is also reflected in the local business plan that you prepare, develop and comply with. With your extensive management experience from retail, you handle the entire operational management, of which structure and focus are a part. As a modern leader, you can also create a work environment with “high ceilings”, good dialogues and exciting development opportunities – and then you are good at networks and relationships. You are not pale to ask for help, just as you are always ready to lend a hand.

You sell good goods, good values ​​and are passionate about local roots.
At SuperBrugsen, we are passionate about making everyday life easier, healthier and more organic and sustainable. And we do so without compromising on quality. That is why new projects are always underway, which you must help to massage into the customers’ everyday lives. You can, because you are committed, take the lead and can be an ambassador for everything from sustainable packaging, animal welfare and to easier meals in a busy everyday life. At the same time, you have the freedom to make your own mark on the store, just as you also have your own local board to spar with. The store board is an important player in creating a unique local anchorage in the local area.

Ask loose if you want to join the team
If you have any questions, call or write to Sales Manager Frank Holstebroe, mobile 2348 8006 / [email protected] or HR business partner Jan Binau, mobile 2893 6234 / [email protected]

If you are our new distributor, send your application via “Apply for a job” – we hold interviews on an ongoing basis.

Get close to the local community in Denmark’s largest supermarket chain
At SuperBrugsen, we want to be close to the customers and be part of the local community. Our customers need to know us and they need to be able to find items from local manufacturers in their store, while at the same time supporting local initiatives. In SuperBrugsen there is also room to try new ideas and as Denmark’s largest supermarket chain, there are plenty of development opportunities to create your career in SuperBrugsen.
If you are employed by SuperBrugsen, you will become part of the Coop family. At Coop, we have 40,000 employees and 1,000 stores. Therefore, there are many opportunities for both new tasks and education and not least job changes internally in Coop.

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