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Maintenance Assistant – 4* Hotel VALENCIA

offer description
At Vincci Hotels we select a MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT for one of our 4* Hotels located in Valencia.


The job position will be held PART-TIME, working mainly on weekends.

We are committed to offering quality, responsible and sustainable tourism, in which our teams develop in an environment of equality, camaraderie and dynamism.

We understand the management and promotion of talent as key actions to promote success in our clients’ stays, transforming them into unique experiences.

We work daily to favor the development of our teams, encourage their evolution in the chain and generate new employment opportunities thanks to the expansion to new tourist destinations.

Our challenge? Continue growing with you, betting on mutual learning that allows us to improve our quality standards and work processes day by day, with the same passion as always.

If you want to learn, develop and enjoy your work environment… WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

What will be your functions?

  • Provide support in the maintenance of facilities to ensure proper operation. Carry out the necessary tests for their safe and effective operation.
  • Support in the control of consumption.
  • Inform the state of the facilities to the Head of SSTT, to the 2nd Head of SSTT or to the Director of the Hotel.
  • Collaborate in the installation and maintenance of specific devices for the production of people and goods.
  • Take care of and carry out the maintenance of the facilities and goods.
  • Follow the environmental management and quality indicators of the Maintenance area.
  • Apply the safety and hygiene standards established for the proper functioning of the Hotel’s facilities and materials.
  • Collaborate in solving problems related to the operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Execute repair requests requested by customers, employees or Management.
  • Support in all activities carried out by external companies.
  • Technical support on the operation of the facilities
  • Record data on the development and results of the work.
  • Execute activities related to the position indicated by your immediate boss.
  • Request materials and spare parts based on the needs and minimum stocks from the Head of SSTT.
  • Annotate and sign the exits of the

Minimum degree: MBA
Experience from 1 to 2 years
Professional Category: Employee
Residence: Indifferent

What requirements must you meet?

  • Experience of at least one year in hotels, building maintenance or department stores.
  • Valuable knowledge of air conditioning, DHW and industrial cold.
  • Teamwork.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Order and cleanliness.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of plumbing and electricity
  • Interest in doing PART-DAY.

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