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Preschool teachers are wanted at Bojen’s preschool

Bojens preschool is a newly built preschool in Limhamn’s lake town with room for about 175 children. We started in October 2018. The preschool consists of 3 floors with great opportunities to adapt the premises to the needs of the children’s groups and curriculum intentions.


Bojen’s preschool works on the basis of a design approach where the path to knowledge is more important than the finished result. We offer an inspiring educational indoor and outdoor environment that provides the conditions for creation, exploration, play and learning. The children are given the opportunity to test their theories together with co-researchers and participating educators. Bojen’s preschool is an important meeting place where joy, curiosity, conversation and reflection become a living everyday life.

Within the preschool in the city of Malmö, you get continuous competence development, clear career opportunities and close leadership. Read more atörskolekarriär

The City of Malmö’s operations are organized into 14 administrations. Our common mission is to create welfare and sustainable societal development. Together with the people of Malmö, we develop an even better city to live, work and be in; differences, life experiences and talents make Malmö a smart city in the heart of Europe. The knowledge of the world is here. Read about the city of Malmö as an employer here


As a preschool teacher with us, you work to create a safe, fun and educational preschool. You lead and develop the educational activities together with the rest of the work team. You have a special responsibility for the teaching, and work with the curriculum as a basis based on each child’s knowledge, experience and specific conditions. All preschool teachers in the city of Malmö have a scheduled time (5 hours / week) for reflection, documentation and learning with colleagues.

We work with pedagogical documentation to thereby get an idea of ​​how we should work further with ongoing themes and projects. Pedagogical development time and reflection are important for developing the business. A conscious collaboration in the preschool area offers opportunities for collegial learning and developing exchanges of experience. This is done, among other things, through scheduled development time in the work team, individually and development groups. The preschools in area D. 7 work towards common quality goals. About three times per semester, we have a common preschool teacher forum for our preschool teachers in D.7.

At Bojen, we have a studio artist who works with the aesthetic expressions both by receiving groups of children in our large studio and by supervising the staff.


We want you to contribute with commitment, creativity and a drive to develop the business. You meet every child with respect and sensitivity. Of course, you have a professional approach and work for good relationships with guardians and colleagues. You need to have good knowledge of Swedish, both orally and in writing.

We are looking for you who have a strong belief in human possibilities, a deep respect for the child and a conviction that all children are born rich and intelligent with a strong inherent drive to explore the world. In your work, you have a clear focus on children, see the competent child, are engaged in pedagogical development work and see opportunities!

In order to be permanently employed as a preschool teacher, a preschool teacher’s ID is required, according to the Education Act. You who have a preschool teacher degree but do not have identification, are employed on a temporary basis.

A warm welcome with your application!

Information about the service

Form of employment: Permanent employment
Scope: Full time
Number of posts: 2
Access: By agreement


According to the Education Act, extracts from the police’s load register are required before employment in preschool, school and school child care. A form for ordering the extract is available at the School or preschool Police Authority (

The City of Malmö strives for employees to represent the diversity that exists in our city. We therefore welcome applicants who can contribute to us as employers being able to meet the needs of Malmö residents.

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